5 Things to Consider When Hiring Photographers

Sometimes you need a pro. Sometimes you don’t.

In many B2B applications you might be spending more than you need for the wrong type of photography. For example, doing a tabletop product shot might not require an expensive studio setup. A simple head and shoulder testimonial photo probably doesn’t need a portrait specialist. And sometimes, a stock photo will do.

Stay flexible

B2B applications sometimes involve location shoots with products in use, often in hard to control environments. In many cases, some of these photo opportunities can’t be planned. That’s why it makes sense to have a capable photographer from the client and agency on hand that can shoot at a moment’s notice.

Consider the total cost

Some photographers charge royalties. That’s a fair method of compensation when their work is reused. But before you hire a photographer be sure to ask about that. Perhaps you can arrange a fair buyout to retain the photos for your unlimited use and everybody wins.

Make sure the photographer understands how images will be used

Some photographers handle all the archiving and do all the retouching. Others just hand over the images. Photographers who have a good understanding of how the images will be used might shoot things differently to make retouching simpler and less expensive.

Understand your in-house limits

Getting back to tip #1—when the project requires special skills, such as complicated lighting, aerial photography, enhanced portrait lighting or any other situation beyond in-house capability, don’t cut corners. Do it right and pay what it’s worth.

PKA Marcom works with freelance/professional photographers and videographers for many projects. We also have professional in-house photographers, videographers and directors on hand for most of your needs.