5 Things you didn’t know about PKA Marcom

PKA stands for Prom, Krog, and Altstiel.

We also stand for truth, justice and the American Way. But since everyone already called us PKA, and Steve Krog retired in 2007, it was just easier to shorten the name. By the way Prom and Altstiel are still here.

We’ve got a lot of blue chip account experience.

You may recognize these brands: Kraft Foods, Evinrude, Miller beer, Johnson Controls, Case, Eaton, Miller Electric, General Electric, 3M, Snap-on Tools, Starcraft, Cardinal Health, Milwaukee Brewers, Cartridge World…and about 150 more brands that are also well known in their markets.

We make stuff. And don’t sell fluff.

We don’t peddle a lot of marketing jargon so someone else can do the hard work of making it real. We’re one of the few agencies that actually loves collateral and print, writes copy, designs, handles pre-press, shoots photography, retouches, shoots and edits video, manages print production and knows specialty advertising. Of course, we also provide creative and marketing strategy, research, public relations, web design, social media and a lot more.

We’re not afraid to get our boots muddy.

The best research is done in the field, talking to real customers and comparing our clients’ products to their competitors. We could use terms like ethnographic research, but really it’s just getting out on the job site, riding with a salesperson, and walking the trade shows. It also helps to know how to press a fitting, install a water heater, run a skid steer loader or handle a welding torch.

We have a very cool office (in winter).

Or when George cranks up the AC. We’re not in the Third Ward. Or the Fifth. Or in a drafty old mansion, converted barn, or retrofitted warehouse. We’re in a nice, semi-modern office complex on the East Side (of Mequon), which gets a cool breeze almost every day from Lake Michigan. Comfortable. Affordable. Right sized. Sort of like PKA Marcom.